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JellyPantz - the no-chafe underwear for women who ride

JellyPantz has been developed to address a need… the issue of chafing and bruising caused by springy horses, uncomfortable saddles, long hours riding, or simply the inevitable "lumps and bumps" earned when learning how to ride a horse. JellyPantz’s patent pending design is unique, in that it does not just cushion the pelvic and crotch area of the female rider, but offers a smooth surface, which eliminates friction and actually prevents chafing.

For the novice rider, this means a more comfortable ride. The novice can stay focused on learning without the distraction of pain.

For the more advanced rider, JellyPantz allows for a deeper, more effective seat and a closer connection with the horse.

For all riders, JellyPantz means comfort… no more chafing, no more missed days due to a sore crotch, no more recovery time.

Make all your time in the saddle count… ride in JellyPantz, the no-chafe underwear for women who ride!

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